Meet Kerry…

Kerry Evans-Alder  Adv. Dip Hom, MLCHom , MARH is a qualified  homeopath, who trained and qualified in London.

Kerry began her naturopathic training in Australia before heading to London to do an additional 3 years study to qualify as a homeopath  For the last fifteen years Kerry has worked in homeopathy and has also trained in many other natural therapies including flower essences, Reiki, energy healing , herbal manufacturing, reflexology, feng shui etc. Her special interest in women’s health and well-being has led her to additional training with leaders in this field such as Liz Lalor and Miranda Castro.

Kerry’s passion and skill is empowering and educating women regarding their health and wellness.Her special interests and training in women’s health and wellness has  led her to work with women and children in third world countries, as well as in London and Australia. Kerry has also worked in the domestic violence sector supporting women in crisis.

Kerry also has qualifications in  Solution Focused Therapy – which involves counseling based on solution-building rather than problem-solving. It explores current resources and future hopes rather than continual focus on present problems and past causes .

Kerry has both successfully written and facilitated workshops and courses especially written to support and empower women.



I have been blessed with meeting many lovely people along my journey, too many to list individually but I thank you all.

I would especially like to thank my Mother, Helen Johnson, Anne Waters.

Thank you to my amazing Mother who gave me unconditional love and who taught me so much when alive and even more through her early passing.

Thank you Helen – your an amazing, beautiful, woman, homeopath, lecturer and  mentor. You always shared so freely your kindness, knowledge, experience and time. I am forever grateful.Thank you for the use of your meditations on the cards.

I recommend you visit Helen’s web page for more information on chakra’s and amazing life changing retreats

Thank you  Anne for bringing us the Lakeland Homeopathic College, where I and so many, have learnt so much about homeopathy and ourselves. Your  patience  and understanding has helped me shine my light.