To remind, encourage and empower you to be your True, amazing Authentic Self and follow your purpose – hence creating happiness , health and abundance.

“There is nothing more beautiful than a woman being true to herself and following her inner guidance – that’s when true beauty shines.”
Kerry Evans-Alder, Blossom Body & Soul Founder

We at Blossom Body & Soul are committed to supporting you, through life’s challenges and assisting you in becoming who you want to be and bringing your unique gift to the world -your True Self.

We believe everyone was born as an amazing spirit, ready to have a human experience. However as the years go by we tend to see life through our judgements, opinions, beliefs, and fears that we have built up and think as true. As we know it is our thoughts that create our reality so your external world starts to mirror your fears, judgements and beliefs – thus we forget our true self and can become unwell, limited and unhappy human beings.

Through our range of consultations, workshops, home care treatments, essences and well-being products, Blossom Body & Soul can assist you in removing the internal mis-beliefs that are preventing you from having and creating the life you desire and deserve. Our services are  based on a holistic approach to your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our aim is to support you on life’s journey.

We believe illness is the body’s way of sending us a message that we are out of balance and also a way of purifying itself to regain health. At Blossom we look at illness as a gift , understood correctly it shows us where we are out of balance in life and where we have trodden of our true path and what emotions need to be corrected/let go of, to regain health and happiness.

At Blossom our goal is to empower, support, nurture and bring awareness. We believe that every person has been created in a beautifully unique way. However, we realize that many of us simply struggle to find our true selves, know our purpose, find happiness, abundance and live life to its fullest. To help give clarity, understanding and to clear the blocks that keep you from realising your soul purpose, full potential, and to take the next steps on your life’s journey.

We believe that when you have peace and harmony on the inside you create abundance, happiness, peace and harmony on the outside – that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

At Blossom, we believe everyone is a very special human being with a unique role to play in the game of LIFE.

Our name, Blossom, says it all.

We use the term Blossom to signify someone who is developing to their fullest potential. In Chinese, the cherry blossom is a very significant symbol of feminine beauty and feminine power. It also is often used as the symbol of love.

Blossom also means to flourish and to prosper, to develop or come to a promising stage. When someone is blossoming they are in a period or condition of maximum development and we look forward to helping you on your journey to do just that.

Blossom Body & Soul donates 5% of all profits to CARE.

CARE Australia is an Australian charity and international humanitarian aid organisation fighting global poverty, with a special focus on empowering women and girls to bring lasting change to their communities.

Blossom body & Soul has chosen to support CARE because statistics show:
If you help one woman out of poverty, she’ll bring four others with her.

Looking after our planet…

At Blossom:

  • every ingredient is selected to ensure it comes from natural, sustainable, organic or wild-crafted sources which are are 100% ethically sourced
  • we do not use chemicals in our products, just Mother Nature and her wisdom
  • our products are not tested on animals
  • where possible we use recyclable material or products that can be recycled
  • we are continually researching and endeavouring to be ever more environmentally friendly

Blossom Body & Soul is dedicated to supplying consumers with natural and effective products. While maintaining a commitment to the environment by using green business practices and natural ingredients.