Cards and Essences

Our Cards and Essences will assist you to gain clarity and move forward.

These cards are perfect when you are feeling stuck, fearful and looking for clarity – when you want to get in touch with your soul (your inner wisdom), but you just aren’t sure where to start. If you want answers, but you just aren’t sure where to find them, our cards and essences pack can help!

The answers are always within us, but sometimes our light gets covered up by life – all of the to-dos, work, errands, hurt, fear, anger, and all sorts of other distractions. It can be hard to sift through all of that and find our way home – back to our soul. These essence packs are a tool to help you on your journey back home by clearing inner debris so you can see the path again.

Each card contains words that your soul needs you to hear and a homeopathic/crystal essence to help remove the inner rubbish. Whichever card you choose will be exactly the one you need in that exact moment. That’s just how it works! The essence pack will help to clear away inner debris, and help give clarity so you can move forward with confidence and blossom into the amazing person you are.

Each client of Blossom, whether one visiting one of our trained consultants at a spa or salon or whether finding us online for the first time, is encouraged to select one of our cards.

Picking a card

The process of selecting a card is simple …. Just QUICKLY  pick the image that you are drawn to most. One will stand out more than the others – it may be the colour that draws you in or the image itself or one card will just look clearer. Trust your instincts and go with what you feel.

New Beginnings

Let There be Light


Be Still and Know Me

Divine Will



What the cards mean

Once you have selected a card, you will see some information about what the card means. This card provides a guide as to how you can start to make the changes in your life to be the best you can be and will provide a focus for moving forward. An accompanying essence is also comes with the card which helps lift your light frequency and assist in removing blockages that maybe preventing you from moving forward .

More information

If you want to know more, Lift your Light Frequency and start your journey of Self Discovery you can then purchase the card and accompanying essence through our online store. Each card comes with its unique essence, meditation, affirmation, a booklet giving additional information which may assist in giving an insight into why you might be suffering in emotional or physical areas and will provide you with a guide as to how you can make changes to alleviate these issues.