“I recognise the beauty in me and all that surrounds me”

The card you have chosen is the Blossom card.

The Blossom Card

By choosing this card, the universe is saying it is time for love and forgiveness.

Choosing this card is an indication that your heart chakra is in need of some attention.

Key words for you at this time are:

Compassion, love of self and others, acceptance, romance, gratitude


  • To release grief
  •  To love and accept yourself as you are today.
  •  To choose the path of forgiveness and have compassion for others.
  • To start making choices based on the heart instead of the head
  • To stop judging others, allow others to be who they want to be
  • To allow romance into your life

“We achieve inner health only through forgiveness – the forgiveness not only of others, but of ourselves”
Joshua Loth Liebman

If you are experiencing lack of love, difficulties in love and romance, acceptance of others as they are and would like some help in this area, you can purchase the Blossom Pack & Essence - which is a unique combination of homeopathic and crystal essences that help open the heart and release forgiveness.

Your Blossom pack contains:

  • Blossom Soul Essence -

a personalised Soul Essence that is associated with the card you have chosen and the cycle/life lesson your are experiencing. These are oral drops which are specifically formulated to help you become aware of the cycle you are in, remove blockages due to this cycle and move through the lesson with more ease. The essence contains homeopathic essences, crystals essences and colour therapy they provide healing to help clear any blockages and strengthen your Soul’s energy within your physical, mental and emotional energy fields. Also helps create the physical changes within your energy field to integrate your Soul’s guidance and enable you to move forward more easily.

  • beautiful blossom card -

which has colour therapy in the picture, a meditation, affirmation and journal activity to help you with the ability to release grief, forgive and become more loving to yourself and others.

  • a journal -

to document your journeys in meditation

  • a booklet -

that gives you more in-depth knowledge about the cycle you are in,  heart energies and extra things you can do in your life to become more open to love, including different activities, foods to eat, exercises to do, colours to wear and more.

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