“Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any

other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more

economical and the most complete medical science.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Services provided by Kerry :


  • Homeopathic Consultations  – can be conducted in person, via phone, Skype or email.

Cost -$140 initial consultation . Follow up consultations $120. Consultations include main remedy plus a tonic or flower essence depending on your needs and postage. Additional cost are involved for vitamins etc if required.

  • Blossom Body & Soul online card and essence – $60

If you do not want an appointment and wish to start a Blossom Body & Soul essence as soon as possible, you can go to choose a card and select the card that stands out or looks the biggest select and purchase an essence pack online – $60 Soul Essence/ Remedy  is a unique combination of  homeopathic and crystal essences that especially resonate with the card you have selected. These oral drops/ remedies help lift your vibration and  resonate with the blockage in you ( this could be a trauma , hurt etc). By taking the remedy you are  helping to release the blockage that is  preventing you from moving forward. So the aim is to bring your personality body into alignment with your soul’s energy, as well as bringing healing energy to clear any ancestral/emotional/mental or spiritual blockages which are preventing you moving forward and taking the next steps on your journey. The essences have been developed by Blossom founder, Kerry, to help lift your light energy frequency and promote healing and balance through the release of negative thoughts and beliefs.


  • Supporting Products - we provide a variety of products that support women on their journey to optimum health and wellness. Please view our online shop for our full product range.

  • Finding Your way Workshops – these are 2 days in length and we go deeply into the understanding of Finding Your way principles as we look deeper into your current life and what is happening for you.

    “So, if we clear our dramas – what is life? Very simply, your true self in all its glory and in all its beauty”

    Jackie Lindsey

We look forward to helping you on your journey.